Shipping Policy

Shipping Times

Typical shipping time is typically 4-10 business days for these bumpers. There will be scenarios where the product isn’t available in a warehouse near you so please allow up to 15 business days for the bumper to arrive. We will always have your bumper shipped to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. No shipping times are guaranteed, just estimated delivery times


Shipping Procedure

When ordering

Things to keep in mind when ordering

  • the bumper ships LTL Freight which means it will be shipped on an 18 wheeler. If you have an address that would work better to have it shipped to please use that as your shipping address 
  • if you do not have a commercial address and can not get a tractor trailer where you live still use your regular address and you can meet up with the driver at somewhere like a Walmart to receive your bumper. You may need to meet the driver at the end of your driveway or road if the driver can not fit down your driveway or street. 
  • the freight carrier will call typically a day in advance to set up a delivery appointment so please use the best contact number you have and answer the phone when the freight company calls
  • we do try to have the freight company provide a lift gate service when available, however, this is not a guaranteed service


Processing your order and Shipping

Allow 1 business day for us to process your order and have it shipped 



Tracking will be uploaded once it is available. Typically it takes 24-48 hours after the bumper has been shipped to get your tracking, which is 2-3 business days after you order it


Receiving your bumper

Like we stated above, the bumper will be delivered via freight. When the truck arrives with your bumper be sure to check it over for damage. If it is damaged do not sign for the item either note the damage on the delivery documentation or reject the shipment if damage is severe. Rejecting the shipment may come with fees though, so it is highly recommended that you get in touch with us BEFORE you reject the shipment. If your item appears to be in good shape you can sign for it and you are ready to install! 


Best Practices

As outlined in our return policy you should note any damage on the item at time of delivery on the delivery documents. When you sign for the item you are certifying that it was received in good shape. That removes any lability from the carrier and places all damage found after the fact on you. So if you did not receive the item in good shape please note that. If you see that the item is heavily damaged at the time of delivery and it is not something you want to live with and keep for a discount the easiest thing to do is reject the shipment and return to sender. In most cases this allows us to send out your replacement as quickly as possible. Please do let us know BEFORE you do this though, in some instances it may not be returnable or may have restocking fees. 

We also DO NOT recommend setting any shop or install appointments based off of estimated delivery times as this can lead to issues. No shipping times are guaranteed or promised. 

Likewise, the same general idea goes for dismantling your truck in anticipation of the arrival of the bumper. If the bumper happens to come in damaged then you will have to reinstall your factory parts while we exchange the bumper. 

It is always recommended by us that you have actually received the bumper and have verified the condition BEFORE you set any appointments for install or disassemble your vehicle for DIY install. 

DO NOT throw away ANY of the packaging until after you have made sure the the bumper is not damaged, the part is correct, and you have all of the hardware. If you do not have the original packaging we can not return or exchange the bumper. We can also not provide missing hardware because the companies only stock the bumpers as kits and an exchange would have to be done. If you do not have the original packaging the exchange can not be done